Africa reserves for renewable are the highest in the world.  According to Word Energy Council, it is estimated that 18 out of 35 developing countries ranked the highest in renewable energy reserves are in Africa. Highest wind potential is mostly observed in the coastal area which tends to have both onshore and off- shore potential. Kenya hosts the Lake Turkana wind Power is the Largest Single wind power Project in Africa. Data Collected and Analyzed in 2007 indicate that the site has some of the best wind resources in Africa with Consistence wind speeds averaging 11 Meters/ second. And from the same direction around year.

The Lake Turkana Wind power Plant Development has been completed and Commissioned (2015). Currently operated through consortium of six European Conglomerates, Namely KP&P, BV Limited, Aldywich international, Vestas wind system, Norwegian Investment fund for Developing countries, Industrial Fund for Developing countries Denmark and Finnish fund for Industrial cooperation Limited. Lake Turkana Power Project is expected to generate 300 MW when is fully operational by End of 2016 and has a 20 Year Life span. The Project is projected to generate enough power to inject about 14% of Country Installed Capacity.