Eimara Africa Resources is an East African Based Consultant. Founded in 2014 with a Vision to use Technology to create Innovative solutions for the Extractive Industry in Africa.

Eimara Provide a Virtual Platform where Stakeholders across the East Africa Extractive Industry can Access free Information Pivotal on the Mining and Energy sectors. Our Platform also Enable Stakeholders across the Industry Including Foreign Direct Investors, Host Community as well and Service & Technology providers can connect, interact and merge their resources to form sustainable Mining and Energy Developments in East Africa.

Headquartered in Nairobi, Eimara has a regional presence in East Africa. The company has invested in research and innovation. We dedicate our time and resources to studying the Region’s geology to identify the best prospects for Development.

We have a team of experts including Mining Engineers, Economist and Legal professionals that is dedicated to provide Quality expert independent advice in all aspects of Exploration and prospecting in Mining and Energy Resources Development Across East Africa.

Our Vision

“Bridging the Gap to make East Africa a Resource Based Economy”

Natural resource development remains a key pillar of the African Economy. At Eimara we have seen this as an opportunity to design a whole eco system around the Natural resources development to support businesses across the East African Extractive industry to build Capacity and improve individual productivity.

Institute of Canada.  The continent is also home to 6 out of 10 World’s fastest growing economies and 2 of the World’s top Gold producers, Ghana and South Africa.

Though the continent is endowed with vast wealth in Natural resources, most remain untapped and despite Enormous reserves in Natural resources half the Region is facing an  Energy Crises. This is mostly attributed to lack of infrastructure and capacity to harness the Energy potential. Subsequently over half a billion people across Sub –Saharan Africa lack access to Electricity.

However the sluggish economic growth that has been linked to this continent for decades is now fast becoming something of the past. Many Nations across Africa have renewed their fight to seek a better a Future. Proper infrastructure is coming in place, better governance and subsequent Robust Economies growing at an average of 5- 7% in Sub- Saharan Africa. This region has now emerged as the next Global frontier for foreign direct investment with Mining and Energy taking the top spot for the most attractive sectors for Investment.

Our Values

Passion & Dedication

Focus on Benefit to the Community

Commitment to Our Clients

Innovation & Technology