There will be Lucrative Opportunities for Consultants and Technology providers with Expertise in Nuclear Energy Development as Many Countries across the African Continent Embark on plans to Develop Nuclear Energy. While it may be Capital intensive and require high levels of Expertise to Develop, Nuclear Energy is Green sustainable and perhaps the cheapest to harness Energy from one the Initial Installations are in place. It Cost about $ 5 cents to produce a Kilowatt of Nuclear power compared to Thermal Energy which $ 27 Cents, more than five times the Cost!

Kenya plans to become a Nuclear Energy producer by 2022.  The Nuclear Energy Program through a Consultant composing of a Team of Local and international expert is currently undertaking a Technical Evaluation study that wills also Evaluate Nuclear Technology compatibility to the Nation Grid.

Kenya Expects to have its First Nuclear –fired – electricity generation plant by around 2022. Previous Estimates the cost of setting up a 1,000 MW Nuclear power plant at $ 3.5 Billion Dollars.