Lake Kivu is one of the world’s three known Exploding Lakes presenting a threat of Violent Eruption with Disastrous effects on local lives, wildlife and local lives. However a Technological Innovation has found a way of transforming this Potential Geochemical risk to Electric Power. Current concentrations of dissolved CO2 in Lake Kivuwatt are estimated at 250 – 300 billion cubic meters, while methane concentration is nearing 55 – 60 billion cubic meters. Experts predict the Lake could become saturated with in the next 50 – 200 year. Scientist has found an innovative way of Methane Extraction. Deep below surface of the Lake, volcanic vents release large amounts of Carbon Dioxide which is then converted to methane by sub surface bacteria that is then tapped to a power plant system that taps the dissolved gas to generate electricity.

These Project Presents Great Investment opportunities for Independent Power producer as Private Investor as well as Massive Marketing opportunities for Service & Technology providers within Expertise in this type of Electric Power Development. As a Unique and Flexible Financing Structure, arranged by Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund and the Netherland Development Finance Company raised a Total debt funding of $91.5 million dollars to phase 1 of Methane extraction and production facility and a 25 MW power Plant located on the shore of Lake Kivu.

With phase 1 funding complete. There is three more phases to do in finance rising in order to reach 1, 000 MW Planned Capacity. Participation is open for Private and Public Investors to participate in financing structure designed for this project that provides a useful precedent for Rwanda’s power Generation.