Kenya has over 1,600 Prospecting Licenses, 115, Mining Licenses and 800 Mineral exploration companies that other Foreign Junior Exploration can tap in to make partnership with. International junior exploration companies are more often than not inclined to buy a stake from a Local Exploration company with Existing mineral Rights rather than acquire new Licenses? On the other hands Kenya’s Mineral assets have also been under explored largely because mineral rights owners have limited access to advisory from Industry professionals with little to no exposure to international markets and also lack of access to Capital.

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Outlook Mineral resource Development Opportunities

Since the Establishment of the New Mining of Mines in 2013. The Kenyan Government has taken major steps to towards Building the Mining Industry’s Institutional Capacity. In September 2015 Kenya’s Parliament passed a New Bill into Law replacing the in adequate Regulatory framework that had been based on a Mining Act passed in the 1940. This has been a welcome move by Investors as will provide Sound Regulation in the sector and create Investment Certainty. The Ministry of Mines has also launched an Online Cadastre where Companies and Individuals can make Licensing application online. The New Cadastre also Fast track Applications and enables Transparency in Mineral assets ownership. The Ministry also expects to spend $560 Million dollars to Carry out a Geophysical/ Aerial borne survey to Map and record the Entire Country’s Geological Data form Mineral and Energy resources.

Mineral Resources

In 2011 Base Resource Opened Kenya’s first world class mine that put the Country on the global map for base mineral resources. Discovery by Canadian Explorer Sands have estimated metric Tons of Titanium. Kilifi County has 10 times more Worth of Un- exploited Titanium Resources, at approximately 1.4 Billion tons Providing more massive Opportunities for Base resource Developers.
Kenya has emerged as the Africa’s next Rare Earth metal’s frontier after Canadian Explorer wild Cat Pacific made this following ground Titanium huge discovery of Niobium in Mrima hills. Kenya’s Rare Earth metals is estimated to be worth Tiomin. Kwale Mineral $100 billion dollars Setting Kenya on course to serve Ore Reserves of 123 a hungry Global demand scrambling for a meagre supply.
Kenya has Significant Gold Deposits, hosted one of Lake Victoria’s Gold Areas Most Productive Greenstones. The Nyanzian greenstone cuts Kenya’s Southwest and Extended miles from Migori for rapidly growing Western Kenya. Gold Deposits in Kenya occur in Construction Massive Iron sulphide bodies in Banded Iron Formation, announced thatMineralized shear zones controlled by Quartz reefs. 90 Kilometers and is responsible for most Gold Production. Proximity to the Greenstone host Maclader Mine that has a resource of 1.24 Moz at 0.25 g/t.

Kenya has a potential to produce 12 tons of Gold Per year. UK Firm Gold Plat has acquired the Country’s first commercial lease for Gold Export. Gold Plat Experts to Export 5,000 Ounces of Gold in Its First Year of Operation. Kilimapesa Mine s has a estimated ore reserves 0.247 Moz at 2 .4g/t.

Kenya has Large Deposits of Limestone and a robust Cement Industry that has become a very A Attractive investment in the recent years. The Country’s Vast Limestone resource is complimented by a basic resource demand particularly from the robust and Infrastructure. IN 2014 Cement Giant Dangote Greenstone belts stretches about build cement Factory The Migori – Nyanzian The Company will spend $400 Million to Limestone Kitui County also Kitui. Besides the Large deposits of Have large reserves of Coal. Mui basin Bloc C. Close the Coal of Coal reserves is a attractive strategic resource for Factories as coal replaces the Expensive Diesel fired in Firing Energy for the Energy Hungry Cement Factories.
Kenya has made huge Discoveries of Coal Deposits in Mui Basin/ Block C. This puts Kenya’s Coal Resource at 400 Million tonnes , while more Exploration work is still ongoing in Kilifi and Kwale counties. In 2012 Fenxi Coal Mining Limited Signed a $500 million dollars contract with the government to produce Coal from Mui Basin. Production is expected to start in 2016.

The Government has also awarded AMU Consortia a $3.5 billion dollar Tender to Construct the Country’s first ever Coal Fired Plant.

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Pre – Acquisition Due Diligence

We prepare Comprensive Due Dillignce Reports with Complete etails about Mineral Assets Acquistion Process, Cost, Regulation Fiscal and Enviromentaland other aspects of thE Business Environment.

License Application Administration

We Undertake License Application Process on behalf of the Applicant start to Finish. This Include assistance in Coordinates Generation, Application Lodge, preparation & Submission of the Technical Reports and all other Compliance Documents.

Subsidiary Registration and Set Up

We make Subsidiary Registration process and assist the Organization set up Offices in Kenya for their Operations.

Online Marketing/Listing

We Provide a Platform where Individuals and Companies can List their Projects and Companies to get Exposure to a Global Audience of Prospect Joint Venture Partners, Buyers and other Finance Partners.

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