Renewable energy Independent power Producers  are  now for the first time ever,  invited to make Unsolicited Bids to Develop Energy form Kenya’s Diverse Energy Portfolio Including Geothermal, Solar, Wind ,Small Hydros and Bio – Fuels.

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  • Project Pre Acquisition Due – Diligence.
  • Concession Licensing Administration.
  • Subsidiary Registration and Set up.
  • Marketing strategies for Renewable Energy Projects:

Our Network Lists Renewable Energy Projects to give them Exposure to Finance Partners, Local and International. This to Include Banks and Institutional Investors including, Pension Fund, Sovereign Fund, Insurance Companies, Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Venture Capitalist as well as other Initiatives and Programmes that Support Renewable Energy Development such as the Power Africa Initiatives.

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Outlook Opportunities in Kenya’s Renewable Energy Sector

Kenya has one of the fastest growing Energy sectors in East Africa. The Country has a Total installed Capacity of 2100 MW and a peak demand of 1,600MW. However with the rapidly growing economy 6.7% average Annual growth, a growing middle class and a robust real estate and Infrastructure Construction sector, Kenya’s Energy demand is forecasted to grow at an 11% annual growth to reach 15,000 MW Peak demand by 2030.

Kenya is also the second Largest Renewable Energy investor in the continent after South Africa. In 2014 Kenya spent $1.3 billion dollars in multi power renewable energy Projects. Kenya is also ranked as world’s 8Th Largest Renewable Energy Producer and it is home to Africa’s Largest  Single Wind Power Project., Lake Turkana wind power Project with Capacity to  Generate 310MW.

However despite the vast Energy Reserves that the Country is endowed to only 35%of its Population has Access to Electricity (As of June 2014). The Government through the Ministry of Energy has now embarked on a Programme that to Build Infrastructure and  Institutional Capacity to Generate more Energy to Connect the 65% of its 40 Million Population to Electric Power and make the Energy more affordable.

By the End of 2015 Kenya had an Installed Power Generation Capacity of 2,100 MW and a peak demand of 1,600MW. Kenya’s Peak Demand is projected to rise to 3400 by 2016 and 5,359MW. To meet this demand the government has developed an Energy Draft Master Plan aimed adding 5,000 MW of power to the National grid. To achieve its objectives the Government has invited Independent power producers to Develop the Energy alongside the State Power developer KEN-GEN. Provide great investment opportunities to the Private sector in the Energy sectors.

This comes on the heel of a 2015’s COP21 Land mark on Climate change that is poised to catalyze a wave of Eco – Investment in the Renewable investment in the Renewable sector by making Funding renewable energy and green technologies more accessible and now than at any one time in History. Kenya ahead of the United Nations Conference on Climate change submitted its “Intended Determined Contribution” Pledging to cut its carbon Emission by 30% by 2030. Kenya is also a Signatory of Kyoto Protocol to which it Collect Carbon Credits for Geothermal and other Green Energy development.