In recent years the East African Region has attracted Investment from world Largest Mining and Energy Companies. Global players such as Barrick Gold, Rio Tinito, Base Titanium, and Anglo Gold America have all Acquired Mining assets in the Region. Those in the East Africa’s Energy Development Include, Tullow Oil Exploration, British Gas (BG), CNOOC, Royal Dutch shell, Exxon Mobile and Scottish Firm Addreko among others.
Tanzania exports about 40 tons of Gold annually. Up until recently the Country Leading foreign exchange earner, According to Bank of Tanzania’s Economic Review, Gold Exports earned $1.64 billion and 1.31 billion in 2013&2014 respectively.  Kenya is the biggest Cement producer in East Africa with an estimated installed capacity of 4 Million metric tons per years, the installed Capacity is set to increase to 10 million tons by the 2015 following a string of big investments in the sector including from Dangote, Africa’s largest cement producer owned my Nigerian Multi Billionaire Alico Dangote.
Australian Mining Firm Base Titanium shipped the first Load of Titanium in the beginning of 2015. The Shipment to china was 25,000 tones. Base titanium is expected to ship over 450,000 by the end of 2015.
Fraser Institutes’ Index on East Africa & Perspective on the Scope of Investments/FDI)

Facts & Figures

1 X 10,000 Mw.
1 X 40,000,000 Ounces
1 x 3.5 Billion
7th Place
1 X 170 Trillion Cubic Metres

tanzaniaTanzania has the Highest Gold Reserves in Africa behind South Africa, World’s only Known reserves of Tanzanite at the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro and 53 Trillion Cubic Metres of Natural Gas in the Coast Sediment Basin. The country has estimated 130 Million Ounces of Gold in the Lake Victoria Gold Area, most remain untapped. The Lake Victoria Gold Area (LGVA) is the Best Archaean Greenstone Belt in Africa Surpassed only by Barberton Greenstone in South Africa. Tanzania produces  An estimated 40 Tons of Gold every year, 2980 tons of Copper, 10tons of Silver and 112,670 carats of

kenyaKenya has a substantial Amount of World’s Most Rare Earth metals. The Country has 3.5 Billion tones of Titanium in reserves accounting for approximately 14% of the World’s reserves, 40 Million Tones of Niobium which make about 5% of the Worlds ‘rare earth Metals. The recent Discovery in Mrima Kwale by Wild Cat Pacific now puts Kenya among top 5 Potential Niobium’s Global Producers. Kenya also has an Estimated 10,000 MW of Geothermal reserves. It is ranked 9th place in World’s geothermal reserves putting it at Par with countries like Iceland.

ugandaUganda on the other hand hosts most of the East Africa’s Rift Oil Basin.  Lake Albertine Oil Discovery is estimated at 6.5 Billion Barrels Making it Sub – Sahara’s Biggest On shore Oil Discovery. Uganda is also the one of the largest producers of Copper and Vermiculite. The country’s Vermiculite accounts for 1% of World’s Production at 3,500 metric tons production Levels and with enough reserves to supply the markets for another 100 years. Other Minerals include over 100 Million tons of Iron ore, Cobalt and Approximately 15 Million tons of Copper.