Overview East African Mining Sector

East Africa is an Area of remarkable Geomorphologic appeal. Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda Burundi and Mozambique are all in the East African Region.East Africa Lies on the African Plate, one of the Earth’s Larger Slabs of the Continental Crust. The African Plate contains Archaean cartons over 2.5 Billion years, which preserve evidence of rock – forming events shortly after solidification of the Earth’s Crust. These rocks are contained in Geological units from the Archaean, Proterozoic, Paleozoic, Mesozonoic and Cenozoic Ages.

The Rocks in the regions Carton is highly mineralized and is broadly similar to the Zambian, Zimbabwe (Rhodesian) and Kaapval (South African) Cratons. Sitting on Such a Magnificent Geology, not surprising East Africa has some of the World’s Richest Mineral & Energy resources.

Fact & Figures