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All exploration companies who have started a business venture in a foreign country know just how much time goes into just setting up the business. Think of the cost in flights, accommodation and other expenses incurred travelling abroad. Now think of the headache of having to go from one office to the next to find out how the system works. Some basic information may take ages to obtain which each day costing the prospector money. In some cases investors have acted on wrong advice from unreliable sources and got their fingers burnt.

On the other hand hundreds of Mineral rights and energy prospective concession owners’ across East Africa have been stuck with their assets for years due to Limited access to Industry Professional assistance as well as lack of access to Capital for developing their projects.

Eimara Africa Resources presents a one stop platform for all your Exploration solutions.  We have created a Forum where all stake holders across the Industry including Foreign Direct Investors, the Host community, Foreign Direct as well as Technology providers can connect, interact and merge their resources to create sustainable Natural resources developments in Africa.  Our services are available on a Virtual Platform that make us accessible by anyone from anywhere in the world.

We give our clients insights to all prospective projects inside East Africa. We match talent and resource to the right Finance Partner. We help all Foreign Exploration companies with sound advice and tools to obtain and start new Natural resources Exploration Business ventures.

For the host community we have services tailored for both the government agencies and for Mineral as well as Energy rights owners.  For the government agencies we provide Consultancy services in administration Capacity. As we use Disruptive Innovation to device Technological applications for efficient service delivery.

Others include Promoting Foreign Direct Investors in to the Energy and Mining Sectors, Independent Advisory and Consultancy in Regulation Framework, Fiscal and Policy as well as revenue sharing models in Public Private Partnerships.

For the Indigenous Concession owners to Mineral Rights, Local Mineral Exploration companies as well as those with potential Energy reserves. We provide a Virtual Platform where they can interact with Potential Finance Partner to create alliances that make Sustainable Natural Resource Developments across East Africa.

Finally Investors Can feel at Home Starting a New Business Ventures in East Africa

Helping Exploration Companies Make Economic Discoveries & Manage Their Corporate Risk

Some Natural resources only occur in certain parts of the world. Often many Exploration and Production companies travel half way across the world in search of the finest discoveries that make Natural resources development a truly global affair. But travelling outside one’s Jurisdiction to start a new business can be challenging especially where adequate business support is not available.
With Eimara now Mining and Energy developers with interest in East Africa have a reliable partner. Our Strategic solutions help Exploration Companies make Economic Discoveries and manage their corporate risk.
At Eimara, we understand that Natural resources Exploration and Extraction is Capital Intensive where only Accurate Diligence is acceptable to make sound investing decision. We therefore take our commitment in this area. We have invested in research and study of the East African region’s Geology and Business Environment to help exploration companies Identify opportunities as well as challenges. On our website we make information relating to mining and Energy resources development available areas of Geology, Legislation, IBE and Emerging opportunities.

Pre – Acquisition Due – diligence for individual Projects is also available especially for International Companies outside the East African Region. This service is Particularly designed to help cut back on travel abroad frequencies during prospecting which overall contributes to tremendously to cut Exploration Cost.

Eimara Undertakes License application due – process on behalf of Foreign Exploration and mining companies looking to acquire new Projects in Kenya and Tanzania. Additionally we undertake subsidiary registration and set up to help foreign companies transition from Prospecting to setting shop in Kenya and Tanzania as well as Establish and run successful resource developments.

Convenient Access To Extractive Industry News & Support Services

Eimara’s Platform gives companies in the Mining and Energy sectors of the Extractive industry in East Africa access to business support in for all aspects of the resource development. Our Website is an online market place where companies can reach a service providers and technology providers serving the Region’s Extractive sectors.

Our Service and Information center has further information Pivotal all institutions relevant to the Extractive Industry’s Ecosystem with Complete details of Location and Contact Details. Others include access to Our Talent pool for Industry professions and skilled personnel.

Eimara’s team closely monitors changes, development and opportunities as they Emerge. We publish News and updates and that affects East Africa’s Extractive industry in Areas of Legislation, new discoveries, Commodity prices and business environment.

On our website we publish Tender Notice Announcements where stakeholder’s participation is required and give Constant Email & Text Alerts for Tender Notices and Energy Concessions Bidding Rounds for Geothermal and Oil & Gas Resource development.

We take and in depth look at the Global Markets relating to Mining and Energy Commodity prices. We closely monitor and pick up trends in demand and supply as well as Geopolitical risks as they affect the price of commodities from across the globe to help our clients and Users to make informative decisions in positioning their investment and planning their operations.

Advertisement & Media Platform/Outsourcing Solutions

Eimara’ is the only platform in East Africa that offers integrated online solutions for the extractive industry and therefore bringing stakeholders across the region under one Roof. Our Advertisement and media platform gives Advertisers access to a Large Audience of all stakeholders relevant to the Extractive Sector.
Exclusive to Eimara’s Platform only; We go a step further than traditional Media by use of Cloud Computing and Data Science to Help service providers deliver quality services to the Industry as well as use our Network capability to Deliver instant Messages on  Email and Mobile to give our Users First hand information on Tender Notices and Concession Bidding Round Opportunities openings.

To give our clients and users a competitive edge against their peers.

  • Companies that wish to offers Services and Technology for Resources Exploration and Extraction  including Geotechnical  Engineering consulting, Legal Expert ices, service and insurance, Logistics, Securities  as well as Safety, health and Environmental Services Consultants  can Open Accounts and create their Profiles on our platform for free and just the same subscribe to our Advertisement and Sponsorship Programs.
  • Exploration & Production companies in Mining, Oil & Gas and other Energy Resource developers can Advertise, Publish Tender notices and make Public Notices on Eimara’s Platform.
  • Mining and Energy Ministries and Affiliate government Institutions Can Advertise Tender Notices, and Make public Notices and Announcements on our Platform.
Eimara Africa Resources offer Consultancy services to Mining and Energy Development companies to develop Strategies and Programs for Community Engagement that is designed to find shared value, promote Collaboration with the Local/host community which overall Promotes CSR and foster good relations. This Strategy has proven useful for resources Development companies across East Africa to Retain and Maintain social license to operate.
Eimara Africa Resources works exclusively with the Best Service Providers and Technology providers of the Extractive Industry to develop Network of Outsourcing solutions Exclusive to Eimara. This service is meant to bring cutting edge solutions that eliminate lengthy Procedures involved in finding the Right Service Provider and the right price point.

Our cutting edge outsourcing solutions we deliver convenience and services to our Users and Clients.

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